Voice Server VS-05

Voice Server has the same footprint as 7 x 10 inch paper and available for recording 2-hour material and 5-minute drill per person.

Voice Server Outside dimensions

Voice Server Specifications

SALT OUT TU Connect to TU-05 RJ45 Smart Audio Link Tec.
SALT OUT #1~4 Connect to SU-05 RJ45 Smart Audio Link Tec.
USB Connect to PC USB 2.0 B type  
Sound accumulation capacity VS-05/2 404 min VS-05/3  606 min
SU-05(student unit) connection 48units Basic system
SU-05 maximum connection 95units More than 49 : Optional
Outside dimensions 195mm(w)×53 mm  (h)×200 mm  (d)
weight 1700g
Power consumpition 19V 5W
Operational temperature 0~40℃ degree Centigrade
Environment RoHS