Mater Unit MU-10

It is a master unit for Listening Station III.

Maximum number of connectable student unit is 95.Additional AC adaptor (AC-10) is necessary when the number of student unit is 49 or more.


SALT2 OUT 1~4 Connect to SU10 RJ45 Smart Audio Link Tec.2
USB Connect to PC

USB 2.0B Type

Sound accumulation capacity Teaching material+Drill 202 min
SU-10 maximum connection   95units More than 49 : Optional
MIC ECM microphone input mini-jack x2 -48dBu 4kΩ
Line IN LINE input pin-jack -10dBu 51KΩ
PHONE Headsetoutput mini-jack ×2 -20dBu (in 32 ohm load)
LINE OUT LINE OUTPUT pin-jack  -10dBu 100Ω
ROOM SP AMP Room SP amplifier output pin-jack -10dBu 100Ω
Frequency characteristics 100Hz ~ 10kHz
S/N More than 60dBu
Outside dimensions 200(w)×65(h)×265(d)
Weight 1.6kg
Power consumption 19V 3.8W
Operational temperature 0~40℃
Environment RoHS