Student Unit SU-05E

It is a student unit for Listening Station II.It is desk top type, and existing furniturs can be used.Connection (LINE IN) between the PC of audio signal is possible.

SU-05E Outside dimensions

SU-05E Specifications


Connect from

VS-05. ,SU-05E

RJ45 Smart Audio Link Tec.
SALT OUT Connect to SU-05E RJ45 Smart Audio Link Tec.
Audio Input
HEAD SET MIC ECM microphone mini-jack -48dBu 1.6kΩ
LINE IN LINE IN mini-jack -10dBu 58kΩ
Audio Output
HEAD SET PHONE Headset output mini-jack -20dBu (in 32 ohm load)
LINE OUT LINE output mini-jack -10dBu 100 ohm
Audio Characteristic
Frequency characteristics 100Hz ~ 10kHz
S/N More than 60dBu
Outside dimensions 260(w)×46(h)×100(d)
Weight 280g
Power consumption 19V 1W
Operational temperature 0~40℃
Environment RoHS