Promise to Future Generations

We, all staff at Ampere Inc., always act considering future of “children of our children’s children” based on our understanding that the preservation of global environment where people around the world can lead secure lives is essential. Further, we make an active contribution as a member of society by preventing global warming and conserving natural environment to make the 21st century peaceful and healthy.

Environmental Policy

  1. We strive to reduce energy consumption, nonrenewable resource usage, wastes, and environmental load substances in business activities and to contribute to the creation of sustainable society by positively getting involved in local recycling services.
  2. We work toward improvements of environmental suitability of our products by complying with the laws and regulations as well as customer demands for environmental protection.
  3. We guide all staff to achieve our goals that are set on the account year basis concerning our environmental management and reform and conduct an objective assessment by measuring outcomes of these goals so that the operation of environment management system should be continuously improved and enhanced.