Product Line-up

Listening Station / Listening Station Ⅱ

LS Software LSS-V01

Listening Station Software: Application Software equipped with functions to operate, analyze and monitor the console.

LS II Software LSS-V01E

Listening Station II Software: Application Software equipped with functions to operate. This is suitable for basic education.

Voice Server VS-05

Voice Server has the same footprint as 7 x 10 inch paper and available for recording 2-hour material and 5-minute drill per person.With USB, you can download the 10-minute-long materials on the PC as fast as 6 seconds.

Teacher Unit TU-05

The unit has input and output buttons of the Audio Amplifier and output button of the Speaker.

LS Student Unit SU-05M

It is a student unit for Listening Station. 
It is embedded to a student desk, and students can use the top of a desk widely.

LS II Student Unit SU-05E

It is a student unit for Listening Station II.
It is desk top type, and existing furniturs can be used.

Headset HS-09

It is a headset for a teacher and students.
Both ears are covered and are excellent about the sound insulation.
It is possible to pick up the clear voice of a teacher and a student.

USB Client Unit UC-08

By the operation of the teacher, it copies the
teaching material files and the recording file
which was recorded at the seat to the USB

Listening Station Ⅲ


The teaching material can be uploaded in the master unit at the high speed (100 times of the normal speed).
It can record the sound of the student all together and save them to the PC. The teacher can carry the data by USB and check them at home and so on.

Mater Unit MU-10

It is a master unit for Listening Station III.
Maximum number of connectable student unit is 95.

LSⅢ Student Unit SU-10

It is a student unit for Listening Station III.
It is desk top type, and existing furniturs can be used.

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