Software LSS-V01 /  LSS-V01E

Operation Screen for Teacher (LSS-V01)

Screen A  Basic function
All call, monitoring, communication, transmission of the teaching materials
Screen B  Standard function
Function of screen A plus the function for various educations such as self learning, model learning, group learning, file making of the teaching materials, etc
Screen C  Full-set function
Function of screen B plus the function for more substantial education such as the review of the attendance, remote control of student unit for simultaneous function, prohibition of operation, monitoring of drill recording, etc

Analyzer Screen (LSS-V01)

Analyzer to confirm understanding degree of a student
It is possible to use the analyzer while letting students hear the teaching materials. It is possible to use the analyzer function and confirm the effect of a class.It is possible to catch the number of the answers and the answer rate in real time.
It is possible to memorize 100 questions and save them
Display the students of correct answer with Green

Progress Monitor Screen (LSS-V01, LSS-V01E)

Progress monitor for grasping the progress situation of a class by sight
It is possible to grasp the progress condition of all students visually at a glance.It is possible to catch the progress situation of student each one visually and support class progress.Conditions of 50 students are displayed on one screen
Student Unit:
You can connect voice transmission systems with a small amount of cable by using SALT technology.

Drill Monitor Screen (LSS-V01)

Visual monitoring of the progress of drill recording of students
It is possible to grasp the drill recording situation of plural students at a glance.5 minutes recording time per student.The old recording over 5 minutes is erased. It is possible to monitor an exercise sound of student each one without disturbing learning.It is possible to store the sound that students recorded to a console PC at high speed and use it for evaluation.Conditions of 50 students are displayed on one screen

Drill & Rev. Screen (LSS-V01)

Support playback of recording of a student and the recording efficiently
Recording Start recording of all students all at once. Recording of maximum two hours can be filed.
Playback Start playback of all students at the same time. Monitor playback changing a student in sequence.