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LS III Software: LSS- V01S


Main Features of Listening Station III


It adapted the reputable audio on demand method and realized random access from each booth.
The teaching material can be uploaded in the master unit at the high speed (100 times of the normal speed).
It can record the sound of the student all together and save them to the PC. The teacher can carry the data by USB and check them at home and so on.
It supports a random pair (conversion lesson).
When filing teaching materials, it is possible to write in the pause mark automatically (full--automatic sentence management).
It is equipped with the sentence editor which can edit teaching materials as the thought as the standard composition.

**It doesn't support the recording by students and the teaching material takeout.

Liastening Station III Software: LSS-V01S


Operation Screen



Maximum number of connectable student unit: 95
Maximum teaching material in memory: 1
Maximum sentence number of teaching material: 999
Maximum time of teaching material: 99 minutes
Maximum recording time: 30 minutes
External sound: Stereo
Memory sound: Monaural
Operation screen: 1 screen
Maximum grade number: 9
Maximum class number: 99