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φ38x38mm Strontium Iodide Scintillation Detector recently released



Ampere Inc. announces that it has released the SrI2(Eu) scintillation detector sizedφ38x38mm, developed by Union Materials Inc. (location: Tone-machi, Ibaraki-pref., Japan, hereinafter referred to UM). UM has applied the liquinert process for preparing single crystals of SrI2(Eu), and early in 2014, succeeded in the development of the high quality SrI2(Eu) crystal and mass production technology, to make φ38x38mm crystals and detectors.

UM has recently won a 27th "Excellent Technologies and Products of Smaller Enterprises" award for this development of the high quality SrI2(Eu) crystals.

Ampere has the exclusive distributorship for the UM's scintillator products. We add this larger sized SrI2(Eu) scintillator to their product lines, and will promote UM's SrI2(Eu) scintillator products worldwide. We announce with confidence that this crystal has very low level defects and impurities compared to other similar products (Pat. pend.), based on the " liquinert" process which is UM’s original technology.



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